Wildarts provides arts education programs to New York City students in school, after-school, and camps to help them build the skills they need to collaborate, speak-up, problem solve, grow through failure, "try anyway," and work backward from a shared creative goal. Our programs are currently available at PS 163 Alfred E. Smith School and PS 84 Lilian Weber School in the Upper West Side.

Learn about Wildarts comprehensive arts-focused Afterschool Pre-K and Core Programs at PS 163! 

Wildarts offers small-group, specially focused Enrichment programs throughout the school year. Check out these cool programs!

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Get Your Tickets to Dino Night!

 Dino Night is an after-dark flashlight dinosaur egg hunt! Strap on your headlamp, grab some glow-sticks and brave the dark to find glowing dinosaur eggs stuffed with prizes. While every egg contains a prize, some eggs contain tickets to redeem dino-sized prizes like Lego sets and Bounce-U Trampoline park tickets! RAWR!

 The first hunt for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st graders will begin at 5:30PM sharp, and the 2nd-5th grade hunt begins at 6:30PM sharp! After the hunt, families can look through their treasure together and boogie down in the PS 163 cafeteria.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Dino Night is a fundraiser for the Wildarts Scholarship Fund. For tickets or to donate, scan the code or visit the link below! Tickets are $20.00 per child.


Dear Wildarts Families,

Wildarts at PS 163 needs your help. Our school community at PS 163 is undergoing change. With New New Yorkers trying to find their feet in our beloved city, as well as the rising cost of living impacting our families who were already struggling to get by, it seems a significant portion of our school community can no longer afford the tuition to attend our program. 

We are commited to keeping tuition low, and offering as many scholarships as we can afford. Unfortunately, we have more financial aid applications than ever, and half the number of enrolled students we typically serve. As a result, we have had to shrink our program to fit the budget. We have been forced to ask veteran staff to step aside until we can afford them, or to work at other Wildarts programs until the enrollment at PS 163 picks up. This has been difficult for us and our students. 

At our current enrollment, the budget for the program is not sustainable. If we cannot increase enrollment, we may have to shutter the Wildarts program at PS 163 next year.  We are working to help qualified families apply for childcare assistance, and looking for solutions to this crisis. 

Increasing the size of our scholarship fund will help move families from the financial aid waiting list into our program. Please consider donating. If you cannot donate, please share our fundraiser with your network. If you have other ideas for solutions, we're all ears! Drop us a line at info@wildartsnyc.org.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Joni Wildman

Payments and Financial Aid


Wildarts is committed to providing quality, affordable afterschool programming to our students. Automatic online payments, and online enrollment forms greatly reduce the workload of our administrative staff--which means more time and money spent on top notch programs. For questions/concerns about this policy, please reach us at info@wildartsnyc.org.