Wildarts provides arts education programs to New York City students in school, after-school, and camps to help them build the skills they need to collaborate, speak-up, problem solve, grow through failure, "try anyway," and work backward from a shared creative goal. Our programs are currently available at PS 163 Alfred E. Smith School and PS 84 Lilian Weber School in the Upper West Side. Wildarts' programs at PS 84 are sponsored by the New York City Department of Education.

Learn about Wildarts comprehensive arts-focused Afterschool Pre-K and Core Programs at PS 84

Wildarts offers small-group, specially focused Enrichment programs throughout the school year. Check out these cool programs!

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Join us for Wildarts Virtual Family Orientation!

Dear Wildarts Families,

You're invited to Wildarts Virtual Orientation Monday, August 21st, 2023 at 5PM. Please join us for detailed information about our programs. Virtual Orientations will be held via Zoom (links below) and will be recorded and available on our website for those of you who can't make it.

Please click the button below to join the Zoom meeting.


I'm thrilled to start the new school year with you all!

Joni Wildman

Executive Director, Wildarts

Payments and Financial Aid


Wildarts is committed to providing quality, affordable afterschool programming to our students. Automatic online payments, and online enrollment forms greatly reduce the workload of our administrative staff--which means more time and money spent on top notch programs. For questions/concerns about this policy, please reach us at info@wildartsnyc.org.