Enrolling with Wildarts: An Overview

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The Core program is our Monday through Friday comprehensive afterschool offering. Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week of art activities, outdoor play, homework help and a hot meal! Kindergarten through 5th Grade. 2:50PM-6PM when school is in session. Tuition starts at $1300 for 1 day per week for the school year and goes up to $2700 for 5 days per week for the school year. Quarterly and 10 Month Payment plans available.

Financial Aid at WildArts


Wildarts is committed to providing quality, affordable afterschool programming to our students. Automatic online payments, and online enrollment forms greatly reduce the workload of our administrative staff--which means more time and money spent on top notch programs. For questions/concerns about this policy, please reach us at info@wildartsnyc.org.

Drop Us a Line!


Full and partial scholarships are available to families with demonstrable need. If your family would like to be considered for financial aid to attend the WildArts afterschool program, please fill out the financial aid application below. While WildArts believes every family should be able to participate in the program, regardless of economic means, scholarships are limited.