WildArts Parent's Night Out programs offer students an opportunity to gather in the evening for community cooking and a movie while their parent's enjoy some time to themselves. Parent's Night Out are offered every month from 6PM-9PM.

Anyone Can Cook! Wildarts is hosting "Parent's Night Out!"

Join us for another special Parent's Night Out at PS 163! 

This special night-time Wildarts program will feature a community family style dinner and a movie for our students on 6/16/23 from 6PM-9PM while you enjoy a night on the town. This Parent's Night Out the theme is "Ratatouille." 

"Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great." – Chef Auguste Gusteau

In honor of Alfredo Linguine, we will be making homemade pasta together! After dinner, we will make our way to the Auditorium to watch "Ratatouille". Enrollment is open to all members of the PS 163, PS84, and PS185 school communities

Priority enrollment is given to participants currently enrolled in the Wildarts Afterschool programs. 

This Parent's Night Out will cost $35.00. 

Check Out these snippets from the May Parent's Night Out!

Based on Finding Nemo!

We made veggie sushi!

Because "Fish are friends, not food"