2023 Upcoming Spring Showcase!

At Wildarts, we believe in an "all hands on deck" approach to collaboration. This means everyone has a role to play in the production of our show. All Wildarts participants are a part of our Stage Crew. Our Musical Stage Crew members act as mimes, puppeteers, sound effects designers, costume designers, props and sets hands, assistant directors, lighting designers, and much more! It is our philosophy that everyone should have an opportunity to shine on stage (or behind the scenes if stage fright is a concern). The focus of our Theater program during Musical season is to choreograph our Stage Crew and Cast in preparation for the big day!

Our musicals also incorporate Ms. Shanise's hard-working Dance groups in the form of large blockbuster dances! We also rely on Mr. Alvin's Music classes to write original songs for the show and to train our performers for choral and solo pieces. Behind the scenes, Mr.Kareem's Visual Arts classes focus on designing sets, props, and costumes for the show. In short, Musical season touches just about every aspect of our programming--producing a show that's all about the vision of the children involved.

2023 Winter Talent Show!

Beautiful Ribbon Dance

They Do Their Own Stunts!

Lively Sea Shanty from Our Very Own Pirates

Wildarts Presents a Winter Talent Show!

Comedy, Dance, immaculate Vocals, Performance Art, Music, and more! This Talent Show is jam-packed with all the creativity our Wildarts youth have to offer. 

To view a video of the performance, click the link below*

 *The video is password protected on vimeo. Families can find the password in the Wildarts email newsletter.

Student-Led Choreography

The Future of Performance Art

Emotional Movement

Joyful Expression

It Takes Bravery To Be Seen

Presentation Is Key

So Is Timing

Going For It!

The Magic of Performance

Working Together

Building Friendships

Check Out These "Wildly Talented" Faces!